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December 8, 2009 Power Rankings

December 8, 2009

I should have known better.  As soon as I declared that the power rankings had settled in and that significant movement was unlikely, GastroPod goes and blows it up.  GastroPod is a converted Airstream RV that is ushering in the food truck revolution.  I took a visit to the ‘Pod during their soft open (parked outside of the Independent Thinkers festival, an off-Basel fair in Wynwood) and enjoyed a slider filled with pork belly topped with pickles and then a short rib hot dog topped with some really stellar slaw.  Very successful execution of gourmet street food.  Anyways, here are the rankings:

(Last Week’s Rankings in Parentheses)

1. NAOE (1)

2. Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink (2)

3. Red Light (3)

4. Buena Vista Bistro (4)

5. Fratelli Lyon (5)

6. Bin No. 18 (6)

7. Hiro’s Yakko-San (8)

8. Michy’s (7)

9. BLT Steak (9)

10. Bourbon Steak (10)

11. GastroPod (*New entry*)

12. Joe’s Stone Crab (11)

13. Azul (12)

14. Pizzavolante (13)

↓ 15. Sra. Martinez (14)

↓ 16. Oishi Thai (15)

17. Metro Bistro Cafe (16)

18. Pacific Time (17)

19. Sardinia (18)

20. OLA (19)

On the Bubble: Area 31 (20); Cafe Sambal; Eos.

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