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Import/Export: The Bazaar by Jose Andres

February 17, 2010

Anyone else notice the construction site for the new SLS hotel on South Beach, around Collins and 14th, give or take?  There is a wraparound covering on the fence that says things like “SLS Hotel” and “The Bazaar by Jose Andres” and …  hold up, “The Bazaar by Jose Andres?”  Could it be?

A few questions: (a) has this been up forever and I’m just noticing now? (b) does this mean that we’ll get a The Bazaar on South Beach or is it just an advertisement since Andres’ LA branch is in an SLS hotel as well?

Many questions, no answers…

In related news, Eater Miami is reporting that The Shelborne hotel on South Beach is planning a revamp featuring “a very hot restaurant brand from NYC.”  Any guesses?  I’m going with … a hot dog vendor.

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  1. jmdhsmiami permalink
    March 1, 2010 1:43 pm

    I believe it is a new wraparound and that they have been pushing construction lately. Prior, the wraparound was tattered and blowing in the wind from being ripped off the fence and the site was more a ghost town, but I think there is renewed construction happening on the site. It will probably be an outpost of the Cali edition. Good meal, but his minibar is by far tops.

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