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July 13, 2010 Power Rankings

July 13, 2010

A few brief news items, coupled with a promise to post something more substantive this week:

First, Les Halles appears to have closed.  Anyone know where else I can find cassoulet?

Second, Jeff McInnis is leaving the Ritz and heading to Gigi.  MRPR has already made fun of Gigi here.

Third, Eos has debuted a new lunch concept called Bistro E, in the same space as Eos.  Full disclosure: I was invited to a lunch with Chef Psilakis last week and was buried in (free) food.  The lamb burger was messy and delicious.  Wear a bib.  Without shilling for them too much, they’re doing a $15 lunch special that qualifies as perhaps the best deal in town.  Each day there is a different menu with three items (appetizer/entree/dessert) all in one box (known as the e³ | daily special).

(Last Week’s Rankings in Parentheses)

1. NAOE (1)

2. Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink (2)

3. Red Light (3)

4. Sakaya Kitchen (4)

5. Buena Vista Bistro (5)

6. BLT Steak (6)

7. Hiro’s Yakko-San (7)

8. Eos (8)

9. Zuma (9)

10. GastroPod (10)

11. Bin No. 18 (11)

12. Michy’s (12)

13. Sra. Martinez (13)

14. Fratelli Lyon (14)

15. Bourbon Steak (15)

16. Pizzavolante (16)

17. Barbu (17)

18. Mandolin Aegean Bistro (18)

19. Chow Down Grill (19)

20. The Morgan’s (20)

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  1. edgewater permalink
    July 13, 2010 4:21 pm

    weird…i went to les halles maybe 2 weeks ago?

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